We Don't Need More Religion - We need God

"Man is incurably religious". Over the years I have met people in many different cultures searching for "God" and the ultimate purpose of life. "Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? Is God real; if so, can I know Him?" These are universal questions.

Most religions assume the existence of God, or gods. Some portray Him as unreachable, a judge who has high expectations of the human race but remains aloof from us all, leaving us to sink or swim according to our own devices, or demanding compliance with external traditions. Others seek to discover the "god in each of us", or in nature, a pantheism that reduces God to everything but keeps him at arms length from the problems and challenges of daily life. Others, still, make deities out of wood, rocks, or expensive metals or stones, that end up being feared by those who design them in the first place.

Each of these belief systems is fundamentally flawed and offers no meaning or hope for the future. "Religion" is not the answer to the common quest to "find God" and His reality. In fact, religion often leads to misunderstanding and conflict. I have lived in parts of the world divided by traditional religion. We don't need more religion - we need God.

The Christian Message

The Christian message, on the other hand, starts with a creator who:


The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is God, that He became one of us, to identify with the brokenness and needs of the human race; that he willingly died on the cross and rose again, to take our guilt and punishment, and now offers full forgiveness, the way to God and the hope of eternal life.

The key to unlocking God's plan for your life is to become a Christian. Here's how:

God is calling you. Take this first step today. Give your heart and life to Christ.


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