Term/Semester & Year:

Introduction to Theology


  1. Tests

Two short tests (multiple choice) during class time, Term 1 Week 8 and Term 2 Week 8.

The tests will cover material during the respective terms.

  1. Assignments

  1. Class Presentation

Choose one of the following topics and give a 20 minute presentation during Term 2 (according to the schedule agreed in class). Draw on work to date and lead a discussion about theological issues and implications that need to be taken into account in defining a Christian position. Be prepared to support key arguments from the Bible.

A Christian Theology of …

    • industrial relations

    • earth and the environment

    • current moral and ethical issues

    • economic modelling

    • living in a non-theocratic society

    • ethnic diversity

    • politics and political ideologies

    • cultural pluralism

    • the nature of contemporary church

    • the nature of contemporary mission

    • natural disasters (so-called Acts of God)

    • human suffering

  1. Essay

Drawing on the list of topics covered by the course (see timetable handed out in Week One) write a 2,500 essay on current theological thinking and debate about one of the major themes. Come to a Biblical conclusion about how the matter applies in your 21’st Century society.

Essays should be supported by footnotes, using the format outlined in the student handbook and should include a short Bibliography.

To be submitted to the Unity office in the approved format by the final night of the course

(28 June).

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