Christian World View

Much has been written about a Christian (or Biblical) world view. This course has been taught at Unity College, Canberra, and does not seek to duplicate the substantial corpus of helpful material about world views that is ready available in the public square, but to surface and link varied approaches in a simple but consolidated way for newcomers, in an Australian context.

The author and Unity College have agreed to make the downloadable course material available here for free. You can use, copy and distribute it on a non-commercial basis (ie. you can give it away for free, but you cannot sell it).

About the Author

Allan Davis, Bachelor of Arts (Australian National University, Canberra, Australia), Bachelor of Bible and Theology (ICI University, Taxes, USA) and Master of Arts, Forced Migration, Asylum and Refugees, Charles Sturt University, Bathurst, Australia) is a pastor within the Australian Christian Churches (Assemblies of God) movement and (in addition to church ministry) has taught regularly a range of accredited introductory theology courses over many years, at Unity College, Australia, and in churches and training colleges in Australia and overseas (while on long-term assignments as a diplomatic and ministry/missionary visits).

These courses have included:

Living in different cultures and interacting with non-Christian religious expressions, senior government officials, UN and other international organisations and Christian communities over a number of decades, Allan has come to an in-depth understanding of how Christianity "works" and intersects with world faiths and political, economic and social systems. Allan believes that Christians need to have a clear understanding of what they believe, and why, and how to share the Gospel in credible ways with non-Christians. This is part of the church's mandate for world evangelism. Following Christ must engage both head and heart and be intensely practicable.

Allan has been married to Anita for 31 years. They have three grown children. They live in Canberra, Australia.


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