Christian Leadership in Time of Change


Change occurs all around us - continually. In fact, nothing ever stays the same - except God.

How we process change, as Christians (and as leaders), can make an enormous difference in how we grow individually, relate to others and move on in life.

The following material (in dot point form, for brevity - do with it what you will) has been prepared from a Christian perspective, drawing on personal experience, including mistakes made along the way. Some of it may echo thinking I have picked up over time from the broader community, but that is not the key driver.

As the community of Christ we must think about the issues involved, so that we can respond appropriately to what is going on in our lives, and those of men, women and young people whom we inevitably touch.

Leadership is a privilege. With God's help and guidance (and not unquestioningly aping secular management models, even if espoused by influential Christians) let's be agents for the kind of change for good that He wants to bring about in our world.

Changes that Create Turbulence

Change is inevitable; it is a fact of life.

Recent Change - Personal Reflection

It is hard to remain objective when we are subjectively involved.

Common Objections to Change

Response to change is often shaped by the prevailing culture.

Identifying the Real Objections

Leaders must understand the complexities people face when responding to change.

Poor Management of Change

"Comfort zones" become dead zones without the Holy Spirit's leadership and results.

The Role of Christian Leadership

Leading change is one of the ultimate tests of spiritual leadership.

Christian Attitudes to Change

"I am doing a new thing" (Isaiah 43:19)

Positive Management of Change

People will embrace change if they believe it is valid.

Holy Spirit-Led Change

Godly men and women, with God's opportunities and anointing, will lead change His way.

Evaluating Change After the Event

Godly men and women, with God's opportunities and anointing, will lead change His way.

Honestly and transparency in assessing change are crucial.


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