Relevant Christianity

Christian faith that works is relevant to each of our lives, whatever our circumstances. God is interested in our inner struggles, our relationships, studies and work and the complex issues we face as we look to the future.

On this website, Allan Davis looks closely at many of the great questions we encounter as we put our relationship with Jesus Christ into practice in a demanding modern world.

How do the teachings of Christ "fit" our lives in the 21st Century?

They fit perfectly. What we need to do is understand and apply them to the way we live; the Holy Spirit will give us power to rise to this new dimension of living.

The Christian life is meant to be lived out fully in our day-to-date world, our "marketplace" as it were, where we represent Jesus Christ. To some people, we are the only practicing Christians they know; the way we live has a profound influence on their opinions of Jesus and their receptivity to the Gospel.

Allan Davis is part of Capital Edge Community Church in Canberra. If you are looking for a good church check out Capital Edge’s website:

What's new

Capital Edge's iConnect - Leadership Course materials including the supplementary materials are also made available as web page or as ZIP file as a sub-section under Relevant Christian Ministry.

The complete course materials of Unity College's Communicating Christ in a Multicultural World are now available to be viewed here or downloaded completely as a ZIP file.

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